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Watercolor by Christopher Collins

Alliquippa House, by Christopher Collins (website), husband of Kathy Massel ('75-77).

News of Dick Wallace has been moved here.

This site was established in fond memory of Alliquippa House, a summer camp which operated on the coast of Maine for 50 years until its closure in 1982. The site was launched in 2001 and is a collaboration of two former campers, Chuck Anderson ('76-77) and Mark Eisner ('73-80).

The site has grown as we've heard from camp alumni. We hope to hear from more of you, including those who were campers in earlier decades. We also hope people will send in photos to add to the galleries, along with their favorite camp memories, old issues of "Quipps," and other memorabilia.

If you have something to contribute, please send it to Marc Anderson, the webmaster du jour, at webmaster@alliquippa.net or Mark Eisner at boss_alwi@yahoo.com.

***** Recent Updates *****

Mark Eisner visited Dick Wallace recently and sent us a wonderful report of the meeting. Highlights here and there's more on Facebook.

There's a movement brewing to hold a reunion of Alliquippians (as many as possible) next summer! No date or location has been set yet. Shannon Edwards has generously volunteered to be the lead coordinator and she is collecting contact info. The best way to get in touch with the effort and old friends is to join the Alliquippa group on Facebook. More to come!

Ellen Katz Moore ('56-58) enjoyed reminiscing recently and sent us some sweet memories of her own.

Annie (Cobb) Moore shares fond camp memories from the early 50's.


Mary Zartman ('73-76) sends us an update from Portland, Oregon.

Robert Vogel goes back nearly 70 years to put names on the faces in camp pictures from the 1940s (both sets). He's also added details to the camp history!

Jane Levy Troy has provided 46 photographs from the late 40's and early 50's.

Ronnie (Peacock) Kamphausen sends us her memories and more!

We've received three lovely poems by Sally Levy ('48-54) and recollections from her sister Jane.

You did notice the wonderful watercolor at the top of the page, right? That comes to us via Kathy Massel Leigh ('75-77), who apparently married a talented painter! Thanks!

NEED A PLACE TO STAY IN SMALL POINT? The Small Point Club, on Seawall Beach, often has vacancies in June and early July. Contact Joan and Dan Peacock for more information, at jvpeacock@verizon.net."It's a beautiful spot for a reunion with old friends," writes Joan.

Last updated July 21, 2011